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Surprise Message from Katie Stone via Causes.com

Message from Chatrubate
Message from Chatrubate
Rant #2835 Written by: on Wednesday, October 9, 2019
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Topic: Chatrubate
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San Francisco, California, United States
Got a message from Katie Stone via Causes.com today that was a surprise offering to masturbate on a webcam via Chatrubate.Info. Usually I expect to get those offers via e-mail spam but it seems somebody is using the messaging feature on Causes.com to bypass email spam filters to promote a porn site.

I can't help but wonder who they are paying to do this and how much. Probably someone they hired off of Fiverr.

The message said:

How do you do? Do you like beautiful girl with amazing anal sex? register online for free, there are thousands of us here. Here are my intimate photos: ❤ a href="http://chatrubate.info/d?id=causes114"Click Me/a ❤

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